Walla Walla Business Law Attorney

Walla Walla Business Law Attorney

Business litigation is an area of the law that deals specifically with disagreements and issues arising from business relationships. This includes everything from employment disputes and resolving contracts to mergers and acquisitions. Because business law covers such a wide range of issues, it is important for those who are facing these types of problems to speak with a business attorney in Walla Walla who is well-versed in both procedural and substantive business law. The following article details some of the different types of business law in which we specialize.


Breach of Contract Claims

Some of the most common business-related legal problems involve allegations that a contract was breached in one of the following ways:

  • A party failed to fulfill its legal obligations on time;
  • One of the parties provided a substandard performance;
  • One party made it impossible for the other to comply with its part of the deal; and
  • One party completely failed to fulfill its contractual duties.

These types of problems can have serious consequences, especially when an important or costly service is involved. We understand that a contract dispute can make it impossible to run a business properly or could place a family in dire financial straits and so dedicate ourselves to defending and enforcing contracts, including:

  • Employment agreements;
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements;
  • Real estate contracts;
  • Leases and loans;
  • Construction contracts; and
  • Non-compete agreements.

It is possible in many cases to avoid these types of legal issues by carefully drafting the contract itself. In fact, many business-related legal problems only arise because the wording of a contract is imprecise or contradictory, making it especially important that those who are thinking of signing a contract speak with an attorney who has the experience and resources to properly draft, review, and evaluate a contract.


Creating or Dissolving a Business

How a company is created or dissolved depends on the type of business involved. Sole proprietorships, for example, are relatively simple to create or dissolve because they are owned by a single person. However, owners are held personally responsible for all business debts and federal taxes. Limited liability companies (LLCs), on the other hand, require a filing with the Secretary of State and the creation of an Operating Agreement but shield the owners from liability. To dissolve an LLC, the owner must complete a Certificate of Dissolution before paying off debts and winding up the business. This can be a difficult process, especially if the parties involved do not agree that the business should be dissolved. No matter the type of business creation or dissolution, we have the knowledge and experience required to secure your rights.


Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners are also surprisingly common, and while personal conflicts are responsible for many disagreements, this is by no means the only reason for business disputes, which are also often caused by:

  • One party’s misappropriation of business assets;
  • Fraudulent activity;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Disagreement over the division of assets during dissolution; and
  • Differing visions for the business.

It is preferable to resolve these kinds of legal issues through mediation or arbitration. Unfortunately, litigation is often necessary, especially if the conflict is harming a company’s reputation or profits.


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